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PM: Sex education is the answer

PM: Sex education is the answer

Public Health Minister Jurin Laksanawisit has agreed with the Prime Minister’s decision not to repeal the abortion law, citing the problem must be solved at the root cause, teaching proper sex education to minors.

Mr Jurin said that there was no need to change the abortion law, explaining that the law had already allowed abortion in two circumstances: when the mother’s health was in danger or when she had been the victim of rape.

According to the Medical Council of Thailand, abortions can only be conducted (1) with the consent of the woman, (2) by certified medical professional, (3) in hospitals or clinics, and (4) with the doctor who performed the abortion informing the Council of the operation. The Minister explained that the law was already suitable and reasonable.

He went on to say that the Council has modified the abortion law by allowing abortion in cases where the baby could be critically handicapped or there was a high risk of genetic disease.

Mr Jurin has urged all provincial public health officials and related authorities to monitor illegal abortion activities, and suggested that best way out was to give proper sex education to students and promote family planning.

PM Abhisit said that education for children and minors, in relation to family, must be improved and taught in school, and that everyone must co-operate to diffuse right values among young people in order to prevent the problem recurring in the future.

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