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3 Thai ‘Spies’ still held in Cambodia

3 Thai ‘Spies’ still held in Cambodia

Assistant District Officer of Sa Kaeo province, Papop Korthai on Thursday led relatives of the three Thai nationals arrested by Cambodian authorities and detained at the Cambodia’s Siem Reap province on a prison visit.

The three Thai villagers were arrested by Cambodian authorities for trespassing last week as they crossed the border from the northeastern province of Surin into the neighboring Cambodia while hunting and foraging.

The Cambodian authorities apprehended them for illegal entry and also suspected them of spying.

Reports over the fate of the three Thais have been both contradictory and confusing over the last few days, first with reports of their being sent home denied by the Cambodian Prime Minister, then, shortly afterwards, reports that the Cambodian PM had authorised their release.

This latest turn of events must be a huge dissapointment for both the three Thai ‘spies’ and their families, with a family visit to the prisoners bringing home the reality that their freedom may well be some time in coming to fruition.

However, the prison visit went as smoothly as could be expected, helped somewhat by the fact that Cambodian authorities had provided a ride for all of the Thai visitors.


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